3 Color LED Mask - LED Phototherapy Skin Care Mask Instrument

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3 Color LED Mask - LED Phototherapy Skin Care Mask Instrument

Skin Care Wrinkle Removal Face Whitening Beauty Instrument LED Photo-therapy Mask

Main Functions: Skin Care, Tighten&Tender Face, Anti-aging, Wrinkle Remove, Desalination Pigment

Material: ABS

Power Supply: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Unit Size: 21*16.5*12.5(cm)

Unit Weight: 73 g

Accessories: Gift Box, English Manual, USB Cable

What is LED Photo-therapy Mask?

1. A safe and effective way of phototherapy and beauty treatment, as recognized by U.S. FDA.

2. LED emits red and blue light at a specific wavelength to penetrate the surface of the skin into the subcutaneous fat layer, stimulate capillary flow, increase cell production, increase blood circulation, and produce rich collagen and elastic proteins. 

3. To eliminate acne light printing, wrinkle and spot removal, increase the effect of skin elasticity, so that the skin back to a healthy and dynamic state. 

4. Photonic skin beauty has been more and more widely used in medicine and beauty care, which can help the skin to breathe oxygen, cooperate with reasonable cleaning method, can prevent the breeding of skin pore stains, and solve the problem of thick pores.

Improve the skin, and enjoy the beauty of science and technology.

Main Functions

1. The processes of LED optic therapy or LED photo treatment belongs to non-invasive painless skin care, and their effects are significant without harmful light. Hence, it is used widely by dermatologists. Wavelength of red light varies from 620 to 750nm and it facilitates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, generates collagen, helpful to the wrinkle care and skin improvement.

2. Wavelength of blue light varies from 476 to 495nm and it removes propionibacterium acnes, it is helpful to the acne care and improve the environment in the hair follicle.

3. Wavelength of orange light varies from 590 to 620nm and it improves the function for oxygen exchange in the cells, accelerates the blood circulation together with fading the pigments therefore, it is helpful to improve soften skin.

Principles of the product

This product uses 3 types of light sources including red, blue and orange colors;

lowers the acne development by illuminating the light sources evenly with different wavelengths using the principle of bio-ray therapy and light material with nano technology;and accelerates the micro-circulation of the cells by stimulating collagen generation, therefore it is helpful to skin care effect.


1. Turn on the power after connecting all the connections.

2. Please use the skin care cosmetics in the set together.

3. If irritable cosmetic goods in use, devices or therapies to harm the skin are used such as tartaric acid, an acid, strong removal of acne, spot eraser laser and so on, please clean the applied part first and use this product 1~2 hours.

4. Electric circuit inside the device should not be pressed or folded, and it should be placed flat to the properly protected after the use, please be careful that heavy things are not placed over it.

Please supply the electricity by mobile power, adapter or computer using USB ports.


Skin Therapy of 21 days

Week 1: Use it for 10~20 minutes every day, improve the basic metabolism of the skin cells.

Week 2: Use it for 10~20 minutes every day, provide the required energy and power to the cells, and make healthier metabolism of keratin layer.

Week 3: Recommended to use every day and improve the reddish phenomena of sensitive skin.

After Skin Therapy of 21 days, skin is improved with brighter color and more elasticity.

Red light(620~750nm)

Red light is the most penetrating color. The penetrating power of red light to the tissue is stronger than that of other wavelengths, and has a warm effect on the skin and the mucous membrane. Red light can stimulate blood flow, improve metabolism, promote collagen fiber synthesis, and increase skin elasticity and luster.

Blue light(476~495nm)

Blue light is a cool color and is considered cold. The blue light can inhibit the secretion of oil and fat, prevent acne, fade scar, and fine pore.

Orange light(590~620nm)

Orange light permeates the skin 1~2 mm, effectively desalination skin red print, erythema, relieve red swelling,
pigmented redness and swelling, repair good dark hoarse, tender skin.



1. Polish the main body with dry cloth after the use, and do not wash it with water directly.

2. Please do not disassemble the product, and please contact online customer service center holding the use in case of out of order or abnormal uses.


1. Store this product in the cool and dry place and avoid humid place and strong sun light;

2. Don't put the product in the liquid.

3. Keep out of reach of children.

Cause of trouble
Action for trouble
Not turning on the light
Disconnection of plug
Connect to the plug
Short of electricity in auxiliary battery
Connect to the plug after charging it
Can't push the button
Push the switch button
Out of order
Contact customer service center    

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