3 Ply Disposable Daily Face Mask (50 pcs).

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3 Ply Disposable Daily Face Mask (50 pcs)

  • Three  Layer Ultraviolet Sterilization 
  • Executive tandard: GB/T32610-2016
  • 50 pcs per box - sealed & airtight in 5 batches 

Usage Instruction: Used in general environment wear, blocking oral and nasal inhalation of pollutants, bacteria, and fine particles have a certain filtering effect. 

Wearing Method:  In order to achieve the best protection efficiency, please be sure to wear according to the instruction.

  • Cover your nose and mouth , hang the two sides of the earloop over your ears
  • Fix the bridge of the nose in the shape of the nose to prevent dirty air from entering 
  • Please pull the mask to the lower jaw and present a three dimensional breathing space immediately. 

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