3M ESPE Clinpro™ Prophy Paste - Prophylaxis Polishing Paste

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Brand: 3M ESPE
Model 12611
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Available Options

  • Prophylaxis Polishing Paste
  • Clinpro™ Prophy Paste
  • 12611 200 Unit-Dose, 2 g each, Fine, Cherry
  • 12600 Clinpro Prophy Angles, 144 Angles, Firm cup
  • 12601 Clinpro Prophy Angles, 144 Angles, Soft cup


Clinpro™ Prophy Paste contains pumice and is available in three

different grits; fine, medium and coarse, meaning the dental hygienist

can select the right grit for optimal cleaning and abrasion in every




  • For use in cleaning and polishing procedures, as part of a professionally administrated prophylaxis treatment
  • Product Benefits:
  • Specially formulated paste to minimise splattering during polishing
  • Three different grits for the right choice in abrasion management,
  • and available in mint (medium and coarse) or cherry (fine) flavour
  • Releases fluoride during polishing procedure, to help strengthen

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